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CEO & Founder




Erica is a senior executive with extensive experience as a Managing Director for a global company in the executive education field. She possesses strong leadership skills, strategic planning know-how and full P&L responsibility.


As a Latam business leader, Erica oversaw the entire structure and performance for her company, reporting directly to the headquarters in the U.S. She managed a talented workforce of more than 120 employees, including Senior Directors from Finance, Marketing, Content, Data, Research, Operations, Sales, and Customer Service. She led the expansion of the business in several countries, including Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Panama.


In her position, Erica developed many high performers and led a big business turnaround in Brazil that doubled the net profits for the company.


Erica brought more than business management experience from the executive education field. She has lots of big knowledge in strategic market research with C-Levels executives in different industries and job functions. She's coached her content development teams on how to interview and empathize with senior executives, using design thinking techniques to recruit talented executives as speakers - by bringing this approach to the executive search field, Erica’s been disrupting the status quo of the old fashion interview methods.


Earlier in her career, she was a Marketing & Intelligence Leader for several multinational companies with different corporate cultures.


In her current venture, she's fixed on capturing executives’ full potential. With leading high-performance teams in global and diverse organizations, she's connecting with client organizations' challenges and the unique factors that turn human capital into transformational talents for successful organizations.


She is passionate about the corporate environment and human behavior, and the executive search field is the best way for her to combine both passions. Erica founded The Soul Factor because she firmly believes in the human power to change the world through innovative business. That’s why identifying the high performers that will take companies to the next level is, for her, more than just work: it’s her unique contribution to change the life of many people and organizations.



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